Operations Director


· Familiar with the skincare industry in Europe and America; effectively develop the overall overseas marketing planning and growth strategy for the company’s brands based on the understanding of brand characteristics and target market.

· Familiar with the placement mechanism and cooperation rules of different types of overseas online mainstream marketing platforms such as Google/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube/Tiktok, responsible for the overall effect of placement budget, placement ROAS/ROI.

· Develop and implement advertising strategies and implementation plans; directly/indirectly manage the consumption of advertising budgets; have a strong data sense, and optimize marketing plans and advertising results through data.

· Optimize various types of content and materials, improve results in managing the brand’s advertising budget and placement strategy; analyze the causes of advertising problems and abnormal fluctuations and have ideas for solutions, leading internal teams or third-party partners to make continuous improvements.

· Analyze and summarize the performance of channels and advertising creative through data, continuously optimize the promotion effect, provide data support for existing and new marketing programs, and continuously drive business growth.


· 5+ years of marketing or branding experience, obtain overseas marketing and other related experience.

· Combined experience in product marketing, brand marketing, digital marketing and offline channel marketing is most preferred.

· Strong logical reasoning and data analysis skills, good at driving the development and continuous optimization of marketing strategies through data observation.

· Obtain strong learning ability, stress tolerance and great passion for brand marketing; adapt to the high-intensity pace of the start-up phase from 0 to 1 on a large platform. · Excellent internal/external communication skills, team leadership and strong cross-functional collaboration skills.

· Proficiency in English business communication (daily communication with overseas teams/ customers is required).

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