Environmental Responsbility

Maintaining a Sustainable Growth for the Environment that Has No Negative Effect on Our Planet

Current Challenge

How the Cosmetics Industry is

Poisoning the Earth?

Poisonous Chemicals

More than 73,000 cosmetic products have been using poisonous chemicals. These toxic elements not only harm human health but also flow through wastewater treatment to the ocean and soil, destroying the eco-system and causing extinction of wildlife.

Animal Death

70% of cosmetics contain palm oil in the U.S due to its high vitamin E level. The massive production of palm oil comes from palm trees in a limited range of areas, which results in deforestation and the reduction of habitats, leading to the extinction of wild animals including 10 thousand deaths of orangutans.

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Plastic Pollutant

Only 14% of plastic packaging gets recycled in the world. In the world, about 8 million tonnes of plastic pollute the ocean and soil each year. Moreover, cosmetic products contain plastic microbeads which can be found in exfoliants, where they spread poison and are swallowed by sea animals and humans at the end.

We are also working to offer an environmental-friendly future to the cosmetic industry, our business partners, and our product users. We take action to bring sustainable practices to the office, and throughout the entire production chain.

From ingredient transparency, environmentally responsible packaging to conscientious energy consumption, we approach every challenge as an opportunity to innovate.

The areas we include:

Sustainable & Safe Ingredients

Cruelty-Free Production

Efficient Design

Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable Materials

Waste Reduction

High-Priority Chemicals

Wildlife Footprints

Carbon Neutral Delivery

The business of Angrow is largely linked to the beauty of humans and the planet. We aim to have sustainability as the core of our corporate strategy.

We focus on climate commitments, sustainable production, responsible packaging, and environmental giving. They’re all on a mission to change the earth and beauty landscape for the better.

We pledge to live our shared values, every day, and hold ourselves accountable for this commitment and the actions we take at our company and in our communities.


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