Bioinformatics Analyst


· Responsible for building the efficacy system of plant active ingredients and cosmetics.

· Responsible for the literature and data mining of active ingredients, bioinformatics database search of active ingredients, correlation analysis of functional prediction and disease models, and bioinformatics results analysis of high throughput technologies such as bio chips.

· Responsible for establishing standard bioinformatics processes based on the above technologies, the development of analytical tools and visualization applications, and the maintenance and upgrading of the established procedures and development tools and applications.

· Work with the company’s R&D formulation department to perform regular relevant data updates and bioinformatics analyses of the existing products during their life cycle.

· Participate in the design of new products with the company’s R&D formulation department and be responsible for updating relevant data and analysing raw information at each stage from before the product is launched to the market.


· Master’s degree or above, major in Molecular biology, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Systems biology or related sectors.

· Familiar with high-throughput sequencing data analysis principles, processes, and standard tools.

· Familiar with common bioinformatics databases, such as NCBI, EMBL-EBI and CNGBdb, etc.

· Familiar with the activity database of natural product extracts for medicinal purposes.

· Familiar with drug target, disease and function databases, such as Binding DB, Go terms, KEGG, etc.

· Proficient in using bioinformatics analysis and visualization tools.

· Familiar with Linux operating system, proficient in Linux and Shell commands; proficient in programming languages such as Perl/Python/R; proficient in MySQL/PostgreSQL or other databases.

· We prefer: Experience in data analysis and mining of large biological projects; Experience in building large databases and platforms; Proficiency in English for cooperation and communication.

ANGROW looks forward to
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