NLP Senior Algorithm Engineer

NLP Senior Algorithm Engineer

  • Full Time
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1.Responsible for keyword recognition, text classification, intent recognition, entity recognition, and word meaning implication.

2.Responsible for natural language processing and related cutting-edge technology research.

3.Research on computer vision target detection, NLP technology and deep learning algorithms to promote application implementation and product innovation.

4.Responsible for ABSA algorithm development and implementation.


1.Bachelor degree or above, major in CS/Software/Automation/Communication/Control Engineering/Mathematics/Statistics or other related majors.

2.Proficiency in fundamental theories and methods in Natural Language Processing, experience in Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining, Knowledge Mapping, Semantic Reasoning and other projects is preferred.

3.Obtain skills from NLP Text Annotation Cleaning to Algorithm Selection, Algorithm Analysis and Design capabilities; familiarity with Open Source Text Annotation system is preferred.

4.Proficient in Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch.

5.Experienced in ABSA projects is preferred.

6.Strong execution and responsibility, excellent learning ability, logical thinking ability, and problem-solving ability; obtain teamwork spirit with good communication and coordination.

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